Foodie flavour or the week: Beef Wellington


"Keep it simple", says Leigh… but only the King cut can be used for this recipe!

Whose the King? Why the fillet of course and not just any fillet, Dry Aged Full Breed Angus King.

And how do you tell a good King? You look for the tiny flecks of fat that run through the middle of the fillet. A centre cut fillet is required for the job of a Wellington.


The King

Dry Aged Full Breed Angus Fillet


What else do you need?

From the pantry…

+ Beef dripping 

+ A good quality coarse pate, fairly dry in texture as as not to make the pastry soggy

+ Shortcrust Pastry (water, salt, flour….or shop bought!) it depends how good you are at making pastry - why spoil a King with bad homemade pastry having said this, if you are good at making pastry then its the perfect coat for the King to wear.

+ Salt and Pepper

+ Garlic clove

+ No cooking oil is required in this recipe


Step 1

Get a good sized frying pan and get the heat up high and dry, no oil or fat and preheat that oven to 200 degrees

Step 2  

Put the King fillet in the pan and season it well as it goes in, add a clove of garlic slightly smashed to add some flavour - 3 mins a side (it should be pink in the middle)

Step 3

Remove from the pan and let cool to room temperature then add your pate, a nice luxurious layer of good quality coarse is best

Step 4

Now wrap it up! Leigh uses clingfilm for a smoother wrapping experience…take your time, wrap it up nicely

Step 5

Pop it in the oven, this is a quick roast remember you are only really cooking the pastry, don’t keep opening the oven - keep the temperature high and remove after 20-22 mins

Step 6

Let the king rest for 10-15 mins and then slice into nice thick slices and serve with a rich beef gravy.