The Butchers at Stoneleigh's

Jon, Leigh and Ben



Leigh Scantlin is the founder of Stoneleighs and you could say he’s come home!

His grandparents lived in Downside and he remembers them swinging him up and down the high street as a nipper.

Why the name Stoneleighs? Leigh’s sister played in an orchestra called Stoneleighs as a child, then the grandparents downside bungalow was crowned with the same title and so Leigh thought “if I ever open a butchers it would be nice to call it Stoneleighs” and so he did.

If you ask Leigh why he loves butchery you’ll see a glint in his eye as his face lights up with pride.."There is so much trust invested by people in what I do for them as a butcher. A butchers trade is steeped in english heritage, it dates as far back as 1272 when butchers were regarded as some of the most important people in the country. That’s a pretty amazing thing.”

His most important tool is his filleting knife and its the first knife he ever bought.

Ask Leigh about any cut of meat and he will tell you;

  • + How to joint it, 
  • + How to cook it including temperature and method,
  • + What the textures and marbling of a cut indicates,
  • + And his recommendations for serving. 

And most of the time he will tell you a story about the piece of meat in question too! Ask him about a scrag-middle…

Favourite meat

Leigh will travel far and wide for the ultimate steak, his favourite find so far is Smith & Wollensky NYC now opened in London but his true favourite meat is shoulder of lamb, slow cooked, full fat for full flavour. 



Jon- Butcher

"They don’t make 'em like this anymore..." says Leigh! 

Jon is in a class of his own. Only 25 and already a well established man of his trade. Learning something new is key to keeping at the top of your game is how Jon thinks. 

Jon’s mantra is to make himself a tiny bit better every day. And he’s genuine. Look out Cobham… they seriously don't make 'em like this anymore!

Favourite meat

Jon loves a butterflied leg of lamb, cooked on the BBQ, nothing better.



Ben - Butcher in the making

Keeping it in the family as every great Butcher does, Ben is Leigh’s nephew and the next generation butcher!

Enthusiastic and energetic, Ben’s biggest passion is to make Stoneleighs thrive and survive through the ages to become a true family legacy.

Ben has a natural butcher's flair for a good cut and perfecting technique.

Favourite meat

Ben’s a rump man. A tasty rump steak keeps him happy.


And Ma and Pa Stoneleigh...the backbone of the business!

ma and pa 2.JPG