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Cobham's Family Butcher

The word Butcher originates from the Anglo-French term Boucher and old french Bochier which literally translated means ‘butcher,executioner’. This dates back to circa 1300 which is as long as the trade has been around. It’s a trade we respect here at Stoneleigh's, our meat gets our undivided attention, we treat it with care and precision because ultimately that matters. What you end up serving is a direct result of the passion and cultivation of cuts from Stoneleigh's.

Love the food you eat

We are passionate about food and we know that you are too. We therefore look to provide you with a gastronomic range of meats to tickle those tastebuds. And not at earth shattering prices. Good quality meat is priceless but we want to create a food culture here that encourages everyone to eat well and to enjoy what you eat.


"Superb service and meat."

Cobham Conservation & Heritage Trust


From chilli jam to horseradish 

Our pantry is a delightful assortment of accompanying treats to complement your festival of meat. Because we think about the food journey that you are about to take, we think about the full culinary experience to ensure that you enjoy the very best in flavours and food design. From homemade pate to chilli jams and pure grated horseradish, we have a food sensation to meet every palate.

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